A cotton gin was west of the store and the Stratton mill was north. Nathan Strain, born in Lucas, remembers that when he was a boy, cornmeal was ground at this mill. All remains of the mill were removed in the 1960ís. 

At what is now the Strainís living room was once the second store. Their kitchen was the town barbershop.  Northwest of the home stands the old Baptist Church. 

Merchant and druggist Ed Knight and his wife, Annie were the second owners of the store.  Before 1918, the store was sold to S.H. Abbott. (Ed Knight then built and operated the other store until 1924. Dave Morrow ran this store from 1924 to the mid-1970ís). 

After Abbott, Tom Spurgin and Leon Cole ran the old Red Store, followed by Will Parrish in the 1920ís.  Subsequent owners were Don Armstrong, the Murphy Brothers, and the Wylie Merchantile, with manager E. Skelton. 

From 1927 to 1932, the store was run by Bob Coffee.  Buddy Wilmouth leased the store until 1934.  R.L. and Hallie Biggs owned the store until they sold it to Nathan and Helen Strain in 1954. They operated the Red Store until closing it in 1980.