1870, the population of Collin County was 14,013. In 1872, the average taxable value of land per acre in Collin County was $5.75.

According to the late historian Captain Roy Hall, “The first Forest Grove Christian Church Building was built in 1875 by Dallas Sparlin and J. W. Crowder and most of the congregation.   The sills and studdings were hewn by hand on the grounds from bois d’arc and oak, and fastened together with oak and bois d’arc pegs.  The lumber was hauled from McKinney and Plano.  In 1877, John M. McKinney bought the land on which the church stood and deeded it to the elders and their successors ‘as long as water runs and grass grows’.”


According to an article entitled Willow Springs School Educated Kids in the Late 1800s written by Gwendyn Pettit for the Allen American, “On May 27, 1874, John and Martha A. Spurgin sold for a token $1, three acres of land to J. M. McKinney, Aaron Snider, and Jacob Faulkner, trustees of School District No. 20.  This acreage is located on the east end of Estelle Lane, one half mile north of Strain’s store building. At this site, a strong spring flowed out beneath a grove of willow trees.  The school built there became known as Willow Springs School. In 1884, Willow Springs became a public school. A generation of children was educated there during the last quarter of the 19th century. 

  The First Baptist Church of Lucas was established in January 1881, at a location of approximately one mile northeast of the present site.  The location was known as Willow Springs.