The old farm passed through several hands after it was sold by the Fitzhugh heirs.  On July 2, 1914, G.F. and Mary Mathews sold the various tracts that made up the farm to J. Ed McGee.

Fred and Maurine Willis, the present owners, tell that there are the foundations of two gins down close to Wilson Creek.  A search of county records reveal facts only about one of the gins.

In 1911, Anson L. Cole Jr. bought the right to erect a gin on the Mathew’s land.  Cole passed this right to Farmers Gin Co. for $1: “a lot on which to erect, maintain and operate a cotton gin.” Farmers Gin Co. purchased the gin from Continental Gin Co. of  Dallas for $3,500 in notes and an unknown amount of cash.  This would have been a complete gin –buildings, scales and gin machinery.

            In 1923, Wilson reported, “A gin is still located at that point and is in operation under the management of Byron Griffin for the benefit of the farmers of that community.”  However, in 1924, the corporation, Farmers Gin Co. of Fitzhugh Mills, was dissolved and McGee bought the property.