Fitzhugh Cemetery in the

Forest Grove area of Lucas, Texas

The current entrance to the Cemetery is actually the back of the gravesite. The original entrance was down on the far east side.

Fitzhugh Cemetery began as a family cemetery in 1852. Gabriel Fitzhugh (12/13/1801-11/7/1853), an early Collin County settler and surveyor, specified in his will that 2 acres of land, which included the original Fitzhugh family cemetery, be dedicated for use as a public cemetery serving the Forest Grove community. Gabriel wished to be buried at the entrance gates of the cemetery, which were located at the rear of the present day cemetery, accessible from present day Forest Grove Road.  After the Civil War, a 2Ē iron pipe that was part of the fence surrounding Gabrielís gravesite was used as a survey monument to control the survey around the old settlement of Forest Grove. Today this 2Ē pipe is considered an historical survey monument. Gabrielís wife, Francis, did not probate Gabrielís will until 1873. At that time she gave power of attorney to Alex Berry and the conditions of the will were officially fulfilled, creating present day Fitzhugh Cemetery. During the twenty years between Gabrielís death and the official formation of the cemetery, Francis permitted some burials in the original Fitzhugh family cemetery. Francis later left the area and was not buried in the cemetery.

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